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Poland belongs to the group of countries of the biggest forest area in Europe. Woodiness of Poland, as a percentage ratio of forests to land surfaces is 29.7%. Average affulence of Polish forests is 206 cubic metres per hectare and is nearly twice the average European value.

The following data represent Wolsztyn Forest District:
- average wood stand age - 58 years
- average affluence of tree stands - 240 m3 per hectare
- participation of pine in a wood stand - 90.2%

Podsolic soil dominates on the area of the district and has been created from poor outwash and river sand. The result is the majority of sylvan habitats (81%) and the dominance of Scot pine (91%) in the species composition.

Share of habitats in percentage:
- sylvan habitats - 80.91% (wood stands dominated by coniferous species, usually pine and spruce)
- forest habitats - 19.09% (wood stands dominated by leaved species)