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The aim of protection is the maintenance of the forest lowland ecosystem with the habitats of rare plant and animal species.

Sanctuaries on the area of Wolsztyn Forest District:

- "Chorzemin Marsh' is a peaty sanctuary of total surface area of 105 hectares. It is located within Wolsztyn precinct in Nowy Tłok sub-district. A peat bog is protected on the area of the sanctuary and is of an intermediate nature. As a result of overgrowing of lakes and ponds their surface have turned into marsh. These are places inhabited by rare species of plants.

- "Island of Lake Chrobienieckie" - is a faunistic sanctuary. Mainly rare and protected species of birds can be found on the island in the complex of broadleaved and mixed forests. The sanctuary has the area of 26.30 hectares and is in Siedlec commune, Wolsztyn precinct, Kopanica sub-district.