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Hunters and foresters undertake a series of actions to limit damage caused by game (deer, roe deer, elk and wild boar). At times of severe winters they feed animals and attempt to limit damage to forest cultivation and farming. On the area of Wolsztyn Forest District one can find big game such as red deer, fallow deer, elk, wild boar as well as small game like hare, pheasant and badgers.

10 hunting associations are supervised by Wolsztyn Forest District which lease 11 game shooting districts. None of the districts is excluded. Hunting offer can be found on websites of respective hunting associations:

  • "Wycinek" Nowy Tomyśl
  • "Żubr" Poznań
  • "Hubert" Zbąszyń
  • "Drop" Poznań
  • "Odyniec" Belęcin
  • "Diana" Wolsztyn
  • "Czapla" Chobienice
  • "Kaczor" Rakoniewice
  • "Szarak" Strzyżewice
  • "Żuraw" Babimost.