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The following educational trails are located on the area of Wolsztyn Forest District.

1. Nature and forest trail "Chorzemin mash"
The trail located on the area of Nowe Tłoki Sub-district in direct proximity of "Chorzemin mash" sanctuary. Wolsztyn-Nowy Tomyśl road and signposted Ruchocicki Młyn road lead to the trail (distance from Wolsztyn is around 4km). On the site there is a parking place with shelter with benches. The trail is dedicated to groups of teenagers and adults as well as individual tourists. It presents interesting elements of nature as well as work of foresters and piece of their activity aimed at protection and preserving forest environment. It features 15 themed stops presenting the most interesting points such as a group of monumental pines, developmental stages of tree stands, protected objects of useful fauna, hunting equipment, fire watchtower. Two options of the trail are available: shorter for younger children (2km, yellow) and longer for teenagers and adults (5km, green).

2. Nature and forest trail "By the Mączne Lake"
The trail located on the area of Stefanowo Sub-district by the picturesque Lake Mączne. Next to the trail there is a Perzyny - Nowa Wieś Zbąska road providing convenient transport (distance from Perzyny - 1.5km). Parking and shelter with benches is available. The yellow trail of 3km goes round Lake Mączne and features 12 themed stops describing the division of a forest into layers, non-native forest species, ways of regeneration and forest protection, hunting equipment (lick and belt-maker).

3. Nature and forest trail "Forest track"
The trail located on the area of Kopanica Sub-district runs through the lands of the forest district and private forest located in proximity of a Zielona Góra-Poznań road. The trail was established as a result of co-operation between Wolsztyn Forest District and Siedlec commune. It is located on the area of Nature 2000 (European network) on the protected landscape land (Lakes Pszczawskie Region). It is dedicated to children and teenagers as well as everyone interested in active leisure pursuits and broadening the knowledge on nature. Two options of the trail are available: shorter, walking trail (orange, 2km) and longer, cycling trail (blue, 9.5km). It features 14 themed stops describing forest developmental phases, trees, shrubs and the problematic issue of garbage dump.

In terms of infrastructure each trail is accompanied by information boards and elements connected with forest management. The point explaining the subject of forest protection includes the exhibition of pheromone traps. Additionally for the use of ecological education shelters with places for bonfires have been prepared.