Wolsztyn Forest District is located on the border between Wielkopolskie and lubuskie provinces. It is within the administrative reach of five communes: Wolsztyn, Siedlec, Zbąszyń, Kargowa and Kolsko. It is one of twenty forest districts of Regional Directorate of the State Forests in Zielona Góra.

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Wolsztyn Forest District was founded in 1945. At times of seizure the area was governed by German state administration. The majority of forests were private, property and peasant. It translated into forest management on those areas.

Forest district arrangement

Nadleśnictwo jest podstawową, samodzielną jednostką organizacyjną Lasów Państwowych działającą na podstawie ustawy o lasach. Podlega Regionalnej Dyrekcji Lasów Państwowych w Zielonej Górze, która prowadzi nadzór i koordynuje działania na swoim terenie. Nadleśnictwa dzielą się na obręby leśne i leśnictwa.

Projects and funds

Wolsztyn Forestry Authority runs a variety of projects related to environmental protection, small water retention, and reclaiming land. The projects are financed from Environmental Protection, EU, and own funds of State Forest Regional Authority Zielona Góra. The funds recently acquired from the EU made it possible to construct 4 dams in Wolsztyn Forest Authority (Nowy Dwór), while drops and weirs were built on water courses in Powodowo and Zacisze forest divisions.


Wolsztyn Forest District co-operates with Landratsamt Bautzen Kreisforstamt (County Forest Office) from Saxony (Germany). The headquarter of the project partner Landsratsamt Bautzen Kreisforstamt is located in Kamenz. Further information can be found here.