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Wolsztyn Forest District is perfectly located in reference to landscape, tourism and culture. Due to numerous lakes and flows the area is gladly visited by tourists.

Landscape virtues are typical of the region - surrounded by forests, meadows, large lakes and adorable midforest ponds. The area is crossed by picturesque meanders of rivers Obra and Dojca. Lubuskie Water Route leads through channels of Obra and a series of tunnel-valley lakes constituting southern and western boundaries of the forest district. Because of that fact by the Lake Chrobienickiego forest campsite has been prepared. In autumn mushroom picking lovers find peace and rest in our forests and with little luck - baskets full of mushrooms.

Conditions for active leisure pursuits are incredible in Wolsztyn Forest District. 20 touristic routes and trails run through the area e.g. walking routes, bike routes, horseback route and canoeing. Cultural values are sacral and vintage buildings for instance post-Cistercian baroque establishment, numerous historic wooden churches, park and palace complexes and interesting museums (unique on an European scale museum of historic steam engines in Wolsztyn). Level of touristic attractiveness of the region is increased by tourist accommodation options, well organized tourist and holiday infrastructure (also thanks to financial aid from Wolsztyn Forest District) and favourable location within the road network. Touristic and cultural values of the region have been outlined in detail and are available in "worth seeing" tab.