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As 1995 "Hunting law" states - Hunting is an element of natural environment.

About 60% of 618 vertebrate species in Poland inhabit forests.
Development of civilisation caused the immemorial balance and rules governing forest ecosystems to be weakened. It influences the animals therefore currently their number, ways of nurturing and protection from animal damage is regulated by law both Polish and European.

Game (20% species of mammals and 12% birds in Poland) - national treasure and property of State Treasury.
On the area of Wolsztyn Forest District one can find deer, fallow deer, roe deer and wild boar (big game) and hare, pheasant, fox and badger (small game).

In accordance with ecology rules and rational forest, agrarian and fishing management, dealing with game is responsibility of hunters of Polish Hunting Union and foresters.

Hunting is also referred to as hunting management and follows rules of economy and wildlife protection. It includes: breeding and protection of animals and acquiring it as the result of hunting of fish harvesting. Hunting plays an important role in forest management as hunters co-operate with foresters in a planed and coordinated fashion protecting environment and adjusting volume of animals.

Damage caused by animals is of great importance for forest management (deer, fallow deer, elk, wild boar). Hunters and foresters take preventive measures for instance fencing off the pastures, using repellents. In winter while nurturing coppice and tree stands game is left cut down sprigs which considerably limits destruction of coppice. Hunters and foresters feed the animals in order to limit damage in forest cultivation and farming in severe winters.

Wolsztyn Forest District supervises hunting procedures in ten game shooting districts on lease by 11 hunting associations:

  • „Wycinek" Nowy Tomyśl
  • „Żubr" Poznań
  • „Hubert" Zbąszyń
  • „Drop" Poznań
  • „Odyniec" Belęcin
  • „Diana" Wolsztyn
  • „Czapla" Chobienice
  • „Kaczor" Rakoniewice
  • „Szarak" Strzyżewice
  • „Żuraw" Babimost.