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Wolsztyn Forest District was founded in 1945. At times of seizure the area was governed by German state administration. The majority of forests were private, property and peasant. It translated into forest management on those areas.

After the First World War a the majority of former Babimost county became part of Wolsztyn Forest District. Polish part of the county formed Wolsztyn and Nowy Tomyśl counties. Part of land was left in the hands of Mochy and Bolewice State Forest Districts that had already existed during interwar period. In 1926 the forests of Wolsztyn and Nowy Tomyśl counties of the time (within Zbąszyń commune) covered accordingly the area of 9342.1 hectares and 5362 hectares.

The period of Second World War was disastrous for Wolsztyn Forest District. During five years of war the invader overexploited the forests leading to major damage, destruction and lowering the productive capacity.
In 1945 former state forests, property and peasant forests as well as former German forests seized by the State Treasury formed Wolsztyn Forest District on the legal validity of a decree issued by Polish Committee of National Liberation. According to the status from 1.10.1948 the area was 8980.21 hectares. During interwar period the area underwent multiple changes due to transferring and receiving forests from neighbouring districts and afforesting the farmlands. Until 31.12.1972 Wolsztyn Forest District had covered the forest area of 11155 hectares. On the 1.10.1973 a closed down Mochy Forest District was entered into Wolsztyn Forest District as forest precinct of 6668 hectares. On 1.10.1977 former Wolsztyn precinct was split into two precincts: Wolsztyn - 5746 hectares and Rakoniewice 5805 hectares. Relating to current limits of forest district the area also includes part of land of districts erected just after the war: Świętno, Kargowa, Zbąszyń and Mochy.

Wolsztyn Forest District has operated within its current boundaries since 1.01.1979. Recent major changes of shape and surface area took place in 1994 when Babimost Forest District received around 984 hectares of Wolsztyn and Zbąszyń precincts.