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Wolsztyn Forest District is located on the border between Wielkopolskie and lubuskie provinces. It is within the administrative reach of five communes: Wolsztyn, Siedlec, Zbąszyń, Kargowa and Kolsko. It is one of twenty forest districts of Regional Directorate of the State Forests in Zielona Góra.

In the west it borders on Babimost Forest District, in the south - Sulechów and Sława Śląska Forest Districts and Kościan Forest District (RDSF Poznań), in the north - Trzciel and Bolewice (RDSF Szczecin), in  the east - Grodzisk Forest District (RDSF Poznań). In accordance with natural and forest regionalisation, the forests of Wolsztyn Forest District are located in the Third Land of Wielkopolska and Pomorskie, on the border of Lubuskie Lake District Region and Seventh Region of Wielkopolska and Kujawy Lowland. The annual average rainfall is around 550 mm, temperature +8.1 Celsius, length of growth period is approximately 222 days.

Wolsztyn Forest District has a typical lowland landform. The land area is 19 845.35 hectares while territorial range is 57 435.84 hectares. Forest lands cover 119 161.73 hectares and within those afforested lands are 18 584.28 hectares, non-afforested lands 39.66 hectares and forest management related lands 537.79.


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