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Wolsztyn Forest District has a typical lowland landform and the land surface is 19845.35 hectares while territorial range is 57 435.84 hectares.

The lands include production forests and shelterwoods. Production forests definitely dominant as they cover 82% of total area of the forest district. Total area of shelterwoods is 3629.92 hectares. Forests of Wolsztyn Forest District is characterised by considerably high level of fragmentation. Dense, large area forest complex occur in Zbąszyń precinct and south-western fragment of Odra precinct. The biggest forrest complex of 4617.32 ha is located on the area of sub-districts: Huta, Przychodzko and Nowy Dwór (Zbąszyń precinct). Second greatest in terms of size forest complex of 3868.47 ha is on the area of Kębłowo, Zacisze and Jaromierz sub-districts.